Dive News: Sun 29 Jan 2017


In December 2016 Worksafe NZ published a warning on some dive cylinders, after several serious harm incidents overseas.

New Zealand Underwater has now instructed New Zealand dive stores not to fill or test the effected cylinders as of 24.1.17.

The tanks are mainly older aluminium tanks and will effect thousands of tanks around the country. 

The efected cylinders can be identified by their cylinder markings by either locating the manufacture date typically marked mm yy or the DOT special permit (SP)orexemption (E) markings.

Luxfer SP6498

Luxfer E6498

Luxfer SP8364

Wallter Kidde SP7042

Cylinders E 6576

Cylinders E6688

Cylinders E8107

Cylinders E8422

Luxfer DOT 3AL with a hydrostatic test date before 1989

CIG (Australia) AS 1777 with a hydrostatic test date before 1991

Luxfer originating in the UK marked with a hydrostatic test date before 1996.

Walter Kidde DOT 3AL with a hydrostatic test date before 1990

Aluminium composite cylinders (hoop wrapped) marked: E7235 or E8023 or E8115

The above specifications are extracted from a directive received 23 /1/17 from Steve Bishop, Technical Manager/Advisor, Air Purity/NZ Underwater.

We will be getting in tanks for sale and offering a deal to any of our customers effected.

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