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Recent issues of the Weekly Newsletter, with trips, specials, and goings-on in the Dive Wellington scuba and freediving community.

Dive News: Thu 20 Oct 2016

Hi Divers

We have a brief southerly due on Friday before it switches back to a northerly, so the South Coast should be good for diving by Sunday. The conditions have been great all week, with 10 meters visibilty.

We have loads of divers heading away for dive adventures this long weekend. Chris is taking a group to The Malborough Sounds to dive the wreck of The Lermontov and Kelly is taking a group to Northland, to dive the wreck of the Canterbury. Have a fantastic weekend guys.

Dive News: Thu 13 Oct 2016

Hi Divers

Congratulations to our new open water divers Tess keough, Dhaxna Sothieson and Michael Godfrey.

The weather looks like it is going to turn Southerly on Saturday, which may rule the South Coast out for diving this weekend. We have made the most of the good condions during the week though and have been diving every day. We often have shore dives happening during the weekdays, if you are available and want to join us, give us a call. We also run courses during week days.

Dive News: Thu 06 Oct 2016

Hi Divers

We have been busy making the most of the good weather and out getting plenty of divers certified. Congratulations to Krizia and Rhys Whiting and Hayley Scurron on passing their open water course. Also to Chris Stempa and Alexis Prayez on completing their advanced open water course. Craig Brady, Geoff Stevens, Geoff Infield and Chris Anderson all completed their underwater scooter course. Quazar Coz completed his sidemount and enriched air specialty courses and lastly Jake Pollock and our own SuChew are now a sidemount divers.

Dive News: Thu 29 Sep 2016

Hi Divers

The diving has been fantastic this week and looks like it will continue throughout the weekend and into next week. The visibility out front of the shop is around 8 meters at the moment and there is no swell.

Perfect timing as we are flat out this weekend with open water and advanced courses as well as boat charters.

After 14 years with the current owners, the Bach Cafe has sold and will close after the weekend. The new owners will be doing a total refit and re-opening in November. 


Dive News: Thu 22 Sep 2016

Hi Divers

Daylight savings is this coming weekend. We are not even going to tell you which way the clocks go as we usually get it wrong. Just kidding put the clocks forward an hour so we get lighter evenings and more after work diving.

We have South Easterly winds for the next week, which means the South Coast is out but the harbour and West Coast should be good. 

We are looking for someone to help out as a standby medic for a local pool freediving competition. The minimum qualification is a pool lifeguard. 

Dive News: Wed 14 Sep 2016

Hi Divers

We are all busy gearing up for a big summer. Stocking the shop, planning courses, boat charters and trips away.

We have northerly winds for this weekend, so the South Coast should be good for a dive.

Daylight savings starts next weekend so keep an eye out for more after work dives.

We have 2 spots available on our Truk Lagoon trip, check out the details below on the trip of a lifetime. We also have 2 spots available on our Northland trip next month.


Dive News: Thu 08 Sep 2016

Hi Divers

The weather for the weekend is not looking too flash and dive club will be in the harbour. 

Congratulations to our newest dive master Bonnie! 

Dive News: Wed 31 Aug 2016

Hi Divers

The weather for the weekend is northerly winds with the swell dropping, so we may be able to dive the South Coast. 

Where has the year gone, it is just 3 weeks until daylight savings starts.

Congratulations to Connor on completing his open water course, see you out in the water again soon.


Saturday and Sunday meeting at the shop at 9.30am.

Tuesday night dive meeting at the shop at 5.30pm, weather permitting.

Dive News: Thu 25 Aug 2016

Hi Divers,

The conditions this week have been just as good as last week if not better! Mermaids Kitchen kept a solid 8m of visibility and we even got a few night dives in on the Yung Pen. We have been making the most of it diving every day, all day! 

The forecast for the weekend is a bit back and forth. We have got NW winds predicted with a 2m southerly swell coming in for Saturday and dropping back down for Sunday. Looks like we may get to do a harbour and south coast dive for the club!

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