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Recent issues of the Weekly Newsletter, with trips, specials, and goings-on in the Dive Wellington scuba and freediving community.

Dive News: Wed 10 Aug 2016

Hi Divers

Well it has been a fresh week in the capital as I am sure you are all well aware. Not that this would affect the 20 lucky divers swimming with whales in Tonga…

The forecast for the weekend shows northerly winds, with a slight southerly on Saturday evening, returning to a northerly on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed we might be able to get out diving on the South Coast.



Dive News: Wed 03 Aug 2016

Hi Divers

Congratulations to our newly certified rescue divers who managed to rescue Scuba Steve over the weekend. Well done Judy, Martin, Renee, Quazar, Craig and Jay on a job well done.

Also congratulations go to Cameron on completing his Dive Master course, now its onto the next challenge as he gets ready for the instructor course.

It looks like winter is about to finally hit, with cold southerlies and rain predicted for the weekend. 

Dive News: Thu 28 Jul 2016

Hi Divers

Congratulations to Mike on completing his advanced open water course. Also well done to Polly who passed her instructor course with flying colors.

The weather for the weekend doesn't look the best with Northerlies on Saturday and Southerlies on Sunday.


Saturday morning meeting at the shop at 8.30am, No dive club dive on Sunday

Dive News: Wed 20 Jul 2016

Hi Divers

It might be winter but we are still busy training lots of divers. 

Congratulations to Sharon, Ewan and Catherine on completing their advanced open water course. Also to Connie and Virginie on passing their efr first aid course.

Good luck to Polly who sits her instructor exams this weekend.

Dive News: Tue 19 Jul 2016

Hi Divers,

Aqualung have notified us that a small number of bcd's with Powerline inflators have been continuing to inflate after the button is released during a dive.

After thorough investigation and testing, Aqualung have identified the cause to be the bezel surrounding the button being overtightened.

Dive News: Wed 13 Jul 2016

Hi Divers

Congratulations to Martin on completing his advanced open water course and to Tom and Lorence on completing their open water course. Also to Craig, SuChew, Chris, Jono and Pedro on completing their Padi Self Reliant Diver certifications.

Also to Polly, Nick and Sam on completing their first aid instructor course.

We have some big northerly winds over the next couple of days and then a southerly change for the weekend.

Dive News: Wed 15 Jun 2016

Hi Divers

Congratulations to our new open water divers Sean, Larissa, Martin, Alexis and Aaria. Also to our new advanced open water divers Matt, Gavin and Quazar.

We have plenty of Rena photos loaded to our facebook page. Theres also photos and results from the Wellington Winter Frediving Champs.

The weather is a bit back and forth this week, so we're not sure how the weekend looks yet.

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