STAR Open Water Course

A one week course is designed to introduce secondary school students to the world of diving. The PADI Open Water Dive Course is the entry level qualification required to dive independently of an instructor to a depth of 18m.

During the course students will learn the theory behind what happens to their bodies while underwater, how scuba equipment works and how to plan dives safely. They will do this using PADI's interactive online learning tool as well as through practical application. 

They will practise dive skills in our heated indoor pool. Once they are ready, we will take them to the ocean for four scuba dives over two days. In the ocean they will demonstrate skills they have learnt in the pool and then go for a guided dive with our instructors.

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Summary info about the 'STAR Open Water Course' course:

Prerequisite Certification:

  • Current dive medical (Signed off by a doctor within the last 12 months)

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